Captain Rasoi is the brand name given by professionally managed “G.K. Foods Industries” promoted by Mr. Pramod Kumar Dwivedi (M.D.). The promoter’s knowledge and experience in FMCG Sector have helped to deliver to the consumer consistent quality comparable to the best of national and international brands.

Today westernized lifestyle demands superior quality and ready to use food fusion foods are in a range. Indian plates have acquired a distinct taste for tangy foods, what with chop suey dosas, bucket beans samosas and vatic varieties of noodle rice being discovered with as much enthusiasm as traditional Kanchipuram idlis and rajmas. However, what remains unchanged is the demand of quality spices ranging from red chili powder to turmeric and coriander powder.
Extraordinary recipes become a lavish fare with the sprinkling of these traditional spices. Ideal for housewives who want to make what the appetites of their families to a variety of cuisines. There is also an old age adage “A man can be winning over through his stomach” but what to use. Captain Rasoi has solved this problem of humankind by introducing spices, Nature Soya, Tea, Pickles, Peppers, Hing etc.

Captian Rasoi products are an ideal choice for both the classes and masses for individual consuming low quantities as well as the big commercial establishment. The Company is always firmly believes in modernization and upgrading the facilities in order to offer its customers and consumers the very best. A close tab is a help on never and better food technologies emerging worldwide and the company is known to immediately implements the latest breakthrough at its ultra-modern HI-Tech plants.
We are quality conscious and our every effort is focused on this tradition. The latest state of the art plants daily by the best quality food products, authoring to the strictest norms, strict supervision is enforced by diligent people also step of quality control. Every effort is made to retain the fresher and whole sameness of all the products manufacture hygienically consistency in quality and the expert in-house blenders and master tasters. Every product in manufacture under the super specifications lay down by our professional and young Director Mr. Pramod Kr. Dwivedi.

By connecting a a superior strategy, the professionals Captain Rasoi have exemplified their marketing and sales skill enhance the brand images of captain rasoi. The marketing and management gurus at captain rasoi have understood the finer and short nuances of marketing. The significance of four-M Material, Money, Management and Marketing along with four P Product, Packaging, Price and Place has been used to the fine tune of the strategies. The efficient management controls the entire network on all India basis and finally monitors and sharp movement of the product in the market. The daily feedback all at for prompt and swift corrective action to tackle and solve problems, strengthen the brand and achieve rapid growth of all the who are associated with us.
Captain Rasoi is set to be the most preferred and fastest growing FMCG brand in the sky. Its publicity and advertising strategies have been designed to be in tandem with the market needs and this is expected to further boost the sales as well as create a brand name to reckon with.

As for last, we believe in publicity because it is done by the consumer itself, which speaks to our quality. It also saves money which is spent on our R and D section which gives the best quality. We work on customer satisfaction, consumer-relation strategy. Captain Rasoi is the right business association that ambitious and aggressive businessmen need to fuel their own growth.